Fast protocol bootstrapping using Eigenlayer

A significant barrier to the deployment of robust decentralized infrastructure is the proliferation of tokens to a level that can support a high degree of byzantine fault tolerance and sybil resistance. To solve this our protocol utilizes Eigenlayer nodes to bootstrap services, in addition to Insaanity nodes. Eigenlayer operators can perform operations required by Insaanity services, and in doing so Insaanity effectively borrows trust from Ethereum.

EigenLayer is an Ethereum-based protocol that introduces restaking, a novel approach to cryptoeconomic security. By allowing users to stake their ETH or liquid staking tokens (LST) and opt-in to EigenLayer smart contracts, users can extend the benefits of cryptoeconomic security to other applications on the network and earn additional rewards. This protocol enables the reuse of staked assets, promoting greater efficiency and expanding the possibilities for earning rewards within the Ethereum ecosystem, and allowing new protocols to launch quickly.

To begin with Insaanity will have a majority of nodes run by Eigenlayer operators. Over time these nodes will be replaced by nodes operated by staking from other chains and nodes staking the Insaanity token. This phased approach to node diversification ensures that a high level of decentralization is maintain from the start and the protocol can operate at peak performance before its native nodes sufficiently proliferate in the community.

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