Blind Nodes

By incorporating zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) into Insaanity's P2P network, nodes can be designed to be oblivious to the content of most transactions until it is too late to perform any malicious actions. ZKPs enable nodes to verify the validity and integrity of transactions without needing to know the specific details of the content being exchanged. This enhanced privacy and security measure helps prevent nodes from front-running transactions or exploiting sensitive information for personal gain.

Insaanity's implementation of ZKPs allows for the verification of transactions without revealing the underlying data, ensuring that nodes can validate the integrity of messages and transactions while maintaining the confidentiality of their content. This blind verification process enables nodes to participate in the network securely, even in the presence of potentially malicious actors.

By leveraging ZKPs, Insaanity's nodes can independently and trustlessly validate transactions based on their cryptographic proofs, without requiring access to the actual transaction data. This eliminates the risk of nodes manipulating or interfering with transactions for their own advantage. The use of ZKPs in Insaanity's P2P network fosters a higher level of security and privacy, safeguarding the integrity of transactions and protecting the interests of network participants.

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