Node Onboarding through Eigenlayer

Eigenlayer Operator Onboarding

The EigenLayer Operator initiates the process by requesting the EigenLayer marketplace to join Insaanity Bridging Protocol.
The EigenLayer Marketplace confirms the eligibility of the Operator to join.

The EigenLayer operator then requests Insaanity to join as an Insaanity Node. Insaanity verifies the Operator's system specifications to ensure compatibility. Then Insaanity provides the Insaanity Client Code to the EigenLayer Operator.

The EigenLayer Operator runs the Insaanity Client on their system.
The EigenLayer Operator communicates with the Insaanity platform to register as a Node.
Insaanity confirms the registration of the Operator as a Node.
Finally, the EigenLayer Operator successfully joins the Insaanity Node pool.

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