Pseudo Random Number Generation

Randomness plays a crucial role in numerous applications, ranging from gaming and lotteries to cryptographic protocols. However, generating truly random numbers in a distributed network without relying on a trusted third party presents a significant challenge. Threshold relay, on the other hand, offers a solution by harnessing the collective power of multiple validators to generate random numbers.

Insaanity employs a specific implementation of threshold relay that utilizes BLS signatures from the Insaanity threshold library. By combining the properties of threshold signatures and BLS signatures, BLS-based threshold relay achieves decentralized consensus and randomness generation. This approach enables the generation of random numbers in a decentralized and trustless manner through a threshold relay protocol. The primary objective is to create genuinely random and unpredictable values that find utility in various applications, including cryptographic protocols, gaming, and lotteries. Through this decentralized approach, the security and trustworthiness of the generated randomness are greatly enhanced.

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