Insaanity Nodes

In the Insaanity ecosystem, node plays a critical role in the secure storage and to perform cryptographic operations.

The nodes are mainly responsible for :

  1. Private Key Management: They securely generates, stores, and manages the private key shares required for the custody of Bitcoin assets. Private key shares are necessary to sign transactions and provide cryptographic proof of ownership over the tokenized Bitcoin.

  2. Off-Chain Operations: The off-chain functionalities like randomness generation and wallet generation helps in increased efficiency, privacy, and scalability compared to on-chain operations.

  3. Secure Computation: The nodes are the key units to perform the cryptographic techniques that are offered by the Insaanity network, such as multi-party computation (MPC) based Key management, Signing, Proxy Re-encryption, threshold decryption and so on. This ensures that that no single entity has direct control over the underlying cryptographic service.

  4. Integration with Smart Contracts: Nodes interact with the destination blockchain and Insaanity smart contracts to communicate within the network and outside the network. They communicate with the smart contracts to provide the necessary cryptographic proofs, ensuring the proper functioning and security of the system.

  5. Node Collaboration: Most of the services offered by the Insaanity network are MPC based and threshold based. This requires the node’s collaboration to collectively ensure the security and availability of the cryptographic operations. This distributed architecture helps protect against single points of failure, enhances resilience, and a strong foundation for the network.

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