Key Features of our Protocol

1. Verifiability of Keys: Our protocol incorporates mechanisms for nodes to verify the authenticity and validity of the re-encryption keys provided to them. This ensures that the keys are trustworthy and sensible.

2. Correctness and Verifiability of Transformation: Unlike existing protocols, our protocol includes mechanisms that allow users to guarantee the validity and correctness of the operations performed by the nodes. This ensures that the transformation of the encrypted data is accurate and can be verified.

3. Transformation Authorization: After proxy re-encryption, our protocol enables the recipient of the encrypted data to validate the authenticity of the transformation process. This ensures that the recipient can trust the integrity of the transformed data.

4. Unique Fault Identification: Our protocol provides mechanisms to identify specific misbehaving participants accurately. This facilitates the precise identification of parties involved in misconduct and enables appropriate actions, such as slashing or penalization.

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